‘Thank you Marie for introducing me to Reiki; I now have a session at least twice a month.  After each session I feel energised, motivated and ready to face the day.  My mood is lighter and more positive in every way.  I also find that the effects increase over the days after the session.’ Sam, Henham.

‘I’ve never had Reiki before I went to see Marie.  I was feeling tired, very depressed and not at all motivated.  I had been feeling like this for a while.  I had the most incredible experience and now know that this is something I want and need in my life.  I highly recommend it.’ Maria, Hertfordshire.

‘I am fortunate enough to have regular Reiki sessions with Marie.  I suffer from Coeliacs disease and suffer from constant stomach pain.  After the session, my stomach pain goes away and I feel amazing, energised and ready to face a busy week.  Thank you Marie, you make a huge difference to my life.’ Hilary, Birchanger.

‘I first saw Marie when my life was in turmoil.  I wasn’t sure what to do or where to go for help.  When I had my first Reiki session, halfway through the session I started to cry uncontrollably, releasing very deep rooted emotions.  Since that session, I my life has changed completely; I stopped smoking, started doing regular exercise again and eating healthily and now feel that my life is back on track.  I believe that Reiki was the beginning of my new way of life.  Marie told me that the Reiki had unblocked the negative influences, enabling me to see a more positive way forward.’ Lesley, Stansted.

‘Every time I have Reiki I feel connected on such a high spiritual level.  I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and love, and feel complete in mind and body.  I suffer with insomnia and after each session I have a better night’s sleep.  Before I had Reiki I can honestly say I really wasn’t a spiritual person in any way. ‘  Bev, Sawbridgeworth